Liv2D 看板挂件

"Live2D" is a drawing rendering technology applied to video games, which is developed by Japanese Cybernoids Company. Through a series of continuous images and character modeling to generate a 2D image that resembles a 3D model, it is very useful for animation-based adventure games. The disadvantage is that Live 2D characters cannot turn around a lot. The developers are trying to Allows the technology to display 360-degree images.

Currently only the Next theme is adapted to the Live2D widget

Open method

Edit /themes/NEXT/config_next.js set WIDGET_PET=true~,

WIDGET_PET: false, // Show pet
WIDGET_PET_LINK: '[email protected]/assets/wanko.model.json', // 挂件模型地址 @see

More models

Of course, you can also configure other models in WIDGET_PET_LINK,the model address refers to the projectlive2d-widget-models Model preview live2d-plugin-2.0