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What is NotionNext

NotionNext is a blog generator based on Next.js .

It supports writing articles in the pages of your Notion notebook, and static article pages are generated by NotionNext and hosted in Vercel's cloud service. Similar to traditional Hexo blogs, you do not need to log in to a background editing system separately to edit and publish. Everything is done in your notebook, and you can write blogs anytime, anywhere, record your work ideas and life insights.

Unlike static hosting blogs such as Hexo, due to the powerful support of NextJs, you do not need to redeploy the Github project every time you write a good article, NotionNext will automatically synchronize your articles in real time.

In just a few minutes, you will have a blog like this:

Click to preview:

Nextra Example

Quick Start

  • Star this repo 😉
  • Duplicate this Notion template, and share it to the public
  • Fork this project
  • Customize blog.config.js
  • (Optional) Replace favicon.svg, and favicon.ico in /public folder with your own
  • Deploy on Vercel, set following environment variables:
    • NOTION_PAGE_ID (Required): The ID of the Notion page you previously shared to the web, usually has 32 digits after your workspace address
    • NOTION_ACCESS_TOKEN (Optional, not recommended): If you decide not to share your database, you can use token to let Nobelium grab data from Notion database. You can find it in your browser cookies called token_v2
      • Keep in mind Notion token is only valid for 180 days, make sure to update manually in vercel dashboard, we probably switch to Official API to resolve this issue in the future. Also, images in Notion database will not properly rendered
  • That's it! Easy-peasy?

please visiit my blog for more information.