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Note that only this page of the document is in English, while the other pages currently support only Chinese. Please use a translation plugin to read along.
People who love writing usually won't have too bad luck.
After years of tinkering with blogs, I've tried various blogging systems like WordPress and Hexo. However, the most important thing in the writing process should be cultivating the habit of continuous content output; the software platform is merely an aid, and repeatedly tinkering with building systems seems to be putting the cart before the horse.
Is there a solution that can perfectly combine 'consistent note-taking' and 'blog sharing'? Until the emergence of Notion notebooks, everything became possible!

What is NotionNext?

The vision of NotionNext is to assist non-technical beginners in building their own websites at the lowest cost and fastest speed possible, helping you efficiently convey your products and stories to the world.
NotionNext is a free and open-source Notion website building tool that I developed based on the NextJS framework.
It renders your Notion notes into a static blog site in real-time. You don't need to purchase a server; just one note is enough to build your completely independent website, connecting you with the world!
Thousands of users have already used NotionNext to build websites. Visit the following link to see some examples:

The 5 reasons for using NotionNext for website building


With NotionNext for website building, all article writing and publishing are done solely within your Notion notes.
Notion notes are accessible anytime on both computer and mobile devices, eliminating the need to log in to any third-party platforms, such as opening WordPress admin or uploading Markdown text to Git repositories, for publishing articles.
Moreover, Notion is an "All-In-One" application seamlessly integrating notes, online documents, knowledge bases, and task management. It's a note-taking software I've been using and strongly recommending. You can learn more about Notion in this article "Notion笔记 | 简化生活的效率工具".
With Notion's flexible formatting and convenient writing experience, you don't need to learn Markdown syntax. You can easily write well-structured articles anywhere, anytime to capture your creativity and inspiration. Site data is entirely stored in Notion notes, allowing you to export and back up locally whenever needed.

Notion AI

Notion integrates with Open AI, significantly enhancing your writing efficiency. This is also one of the reasons why Notion is a preferred note-taking tool.
NotionNext is a small tool that converts notes into websites, not a cumbersome content management system. Later on, you can choose other tools and software to render your notes or export them to any platform of your choice.


Next.js is a lightweight React server-side rendering framework known for its faster response speed and stronger SEO capabilities. This helps improve your website's visibility and visitor count by aiding better indexing by search engines.
NotionNext is developed based on the Next.js framework, with its source code completely free and open-source. Anyone can modify the source code to customize the site's functionality.

🚀 网站的性能

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3. Complete Ownership

The source code, domain name, and server of the site are all in your hands; all ownership of the site belongs to you, free from the rules and limitations of third-party blogging platforms or social platforms.
Third-party blogging platforms usually use subdomains for hosting. The downside is that the site's authority is firmly held by the platform. The site's authority determines whether search engines prioritize displaying your website. Free hosting platforms like Blogspot have become a breeding ground for junk blogs because the platform is filled with low-quality blogs, dragging down the overall platform's authority, which in turn prevents your Blogger site from being recommended by search engines.
During independent site operation, each high-quality article you publish contributes to the authority of your domain, improving your site's SEO over time. As your content in Notion notes grows, as long as you renew your domain, your site will naturally operate stably in the long term. Stability, longevity, and rich content are important criteria for a high-quality website.

Value of an Independent Site

In the age of the Internet and the wave of self-media, establishing a personal brand has become increasingly important as it brings unlimited value.
  1. Competitive Advantage: On the Internet, people are confronted with massive information and fierce competition. By establishing a personal brand, you can stand out among many competitors, making it easier for people to remember you and your business.
  1. Enhanced Professional Image and Reputation: Personal branding showcases your professional knowledge and skills, enhancing people's trust and respect for you. This helps better promote your business and attract more customers.
  1. Creating More Opportunities and Achievements: By establishing a personal brand, you will build a wider network and social circle, connecting with like-minded individuals and potential clients. This will bring you more opportunities and achievements, increasing your influence and reputation.
  • With NotionNext, you can also, like me, build your own digital assets worth millions of dollars. You can check the value of your site on SiteIndices:
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2.Easy Installation

As of December 2023, over 6000 users have used NotionNext for website building.
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5.Multiple Theme Switching

Currently, there are 11 themes available for you to choose from. Click the widget at the bottom left of the blog webpage to switch themes online.
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Choose from dozens of theme styles, including Gitbook themes suitable for technical documentation (the current document is using a Gitbook theme), Nav themes suitable for navigation sites, Landing themes and Starter themes suitable for product landing pages, as well as Plog themes suitable for photo albums.

Start Deploying Your Site

Deploying with NotionNext is easy, simple, and free, even if you're not a programmer.
NotionNext supports multiple deployment methods. Choose any tutorial from the left side of the documentation manual to get started quickly!
Tip: You can use multiple deployment methods simultaneously. After deployment, please read the site configuration tutorial below.

Site Configuration Guide

After deployment, how to set up your site information, such as blog sorting, binding a custom domain, etc., please visit the "Operation Manual" and search for the keywords:

Binding a Custom Domain

Vercel provides a free *.vercel.app domain for your site, but Vercel's official domain is blocked in mainland China. It is recommended to bind your own domain to improve SEO ranking.
Refer to the following article, you can quickly point your own domain to your Vercel site:

Project Update

Project updates, including bug fixes and new features, will be made periodically. Please refer to this article for updates:

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